Range: 32GB | 64GB | 128GB | 256GB

The AES GOLD SSD is the first fully encrypted Solid State Drive available from Unity Digital. 256-bit AES CBC encryption will keep your sensitive data safe.

Unity Digital's AES GOLD SSD SATA II 2.5" Drive is a Solid State storage product with capacities up to 256GB. The AES GOLD SSD is built from original MLC NAND flash or SLC NAND flash from a major NAND flash vendor. The AES GOLD SSD comes with full BOM Control and a long life cycle and are built with the same Industrial build processes as our full Industrial SLC/MLC Solid State Drives. Custom ID and Preloaded Content are available on request.

MLC-NAND Flash Technology
Interface: SATA 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps
SATA Revision 2.6 compliant
TRIM option
S.M.A.R.T. option
Power management supported
64MB DDR Cache Buffer

Encryption Features:
256-bit AES CBC
Total drive encryption
Protected against brute force attack
Ruggedized internal epoxy resin encapsulation to protect against physical attack
Administrator interface
Customizable user profile
Multilingual interface
Zero footprint GUI
Strong password authentication utilizing 8-16 characters
Configurable unique ID to work with endpoint security software


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